Wellness and Architecture

Wellness has always been a passion at RN+s. Spaces that inspire great health is what we’d love to be creating more of.


Wellness and Architecture are often commissioned in Workplaces, Together they help to create a sense of community and  encourage human interactions. A Connection to each other in today’s busy world is more important than ever. Spaces like the Active Travel Zone  help foster interactions beyond the everyday working environment. This area at The Alfred Hospital  through the simple act of providing a beautiful space for, a refresh before work, relaxing during a break, and winding down after a shift. helps promote individual wellbeing as a priority for everyone.

We love moving, but wellness is also a place of rest and restoration. We designed Oikos not just as an escape from the “doing” in city life, but a space that helps relive, heal and pause while surrounded by the beauty of nature.



RN+s Wellness ultimate vision is to design spaces  or sanctuaries for calm and comfort . While we create these spaces,  experiencing different yoga studios are a favourite pass-time.


Wellness shouldn’t be an intimidating resolution. it should not be separate from the everyday. Big ideas for small spaces is a great way to start – re-imagining existing space in your home into a dedicated yoga corner or reading nook might be an ideal way to make wellness more accessible to your current lifestyle, feel free to reach out.


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Daylesford Architect Robert Nichol and sons

Daylesford Architect Robert Nichol and sons