Fitzroy Extension

An 1850’s home with a 1970’s addition. A complex, rambling house provided an interesting narrative on which to build. The addition is unique, it is 2014. Robert Nichol & sons contribution gives a new address to the home, a new front door, a new master suite and a new heart. Its sculptural form respects the heritage nature of Fitzroy, and the neighbours, whilst proudly standing on its corner allotment.

Located on the corner of an urban streetscape, this contemporary extension to a Victorian terrace makes use of organic materials and sculptural forms. The design draws on the strength of the original bluestone cottage, which served as a natural rough stone foundation for the dwelling, complimented by textural finishes in zinc, ironbark and concrete.

Constructed on an intimate scale to suit surrounding homes, a cranked form at the upper level provides unimpeded views, whilst maintaining privacy. The two-storey structure can operate as a single home or two independent dwellings, with the potential to be used as guest quarters or to generate income as a bed and breakfast.